Math Mindset in 4th grade and more! 9-8-17

Dear Families,

What a wonderful class! They are not only excited about the year ahead, enthusiastic about all aspects of learning, but willing to do the work necessary to achieve their hopes and dreams for this 4th grade year. They are really walking the walk!

I will talk more about expectations, goals and curriculum on Back To School Night next Wednesday, September 13th. If you are not able to join us that night I will send home any hand-outs that are presented the next day. I’m happy to say the new schedule and all the new routines are running quite smoothly by week’s end.

Such great writers, too! I introduced Friday morning journal writing this morning and they could have gone on all the way to snack-time.

On Wednesday we started our first Math Mindset lesson in the Learning Commons Distance Lab. We watched a video that stressed the idea that everyone can learn math and that thinking that some people have ‘math brains’ and some don’t is a myth – rather mathematical pathways form in the brain from learning, struggling and being challenged.
Then I asked the students to find the numbers 1-20 using only four 4’s and any operation. (The photos in the slideshow will help explain). They exploded with solutions and getting to write them on the wall just added to the fun.

Two reminders:
1) Wednesday, September 20th is a class trip to OMI Art Center in Ghent, NY. We will eat snack and lunch there that day and return in time for the second half of our day.

2) If possible, please send in a nice comfy pillow for our quiet reading time.

Have a wonderful fall weekend with your families, and again thank you for your part in making this first week such a great success.


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