Dear 3rd and 4th grade families,

Our new unit on Bridges, their history and design, is off to a great start. Mike Wilke from Hill Engineering in Dalton came and talked to the class about bridges yesterday. He mentioned that some students from Miss Halls are designing bridges to compete in a Model Bridge Competition in Albany in February. I’ve been in touch with Miss Halls and they are coming in soon to show us their bridges before this class will be building their own bridges with Mr. Gore in Science class.

We are using our multiplication facts to help us with equivalent fractions and finding their simplest form. The class is working with fraction strips along with other manipulatives. Any notice of fractional amounts at home is also a great reinforcement of the concept. (1/4 of an hour=15 mins., etc.)

Our Book Talk presentations have begun. Some photos of Sascha’s in the Learning Commons are in the slide show below. I believe in presenting as many opportunities for the students to stand in front of their classmates and present their work; so many skills are practiced that way.

The class will be presenting their recitation of Martin Luther King Jr.’s, I Have a Dream Speech for the Middle School Assembly tomorrow morning, as well as for the 1st and 2nd graders later in the day. I had the class watch a video of the original speech before they get their part to learn and then once again after they have learned it. I will attach a video of their presentation with the next blog.

Pencils continue to be a distraction, losing them etc. – if possible, it would be great to send in some new pencils with your child. A box that I would label would be great.

Bird Watching continues, our feeder is a popular spot…..can’t wait to put in our Bird Garden!!

Thank you to the Cook-Dubin family and Tracy Crawford for our recent Lunch Bunch, it was quite a hit with everyone!

Have a great long weekend,


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