Dear All,

In Social Studies our study of bridges continues. We’ve taken a break from terms (tension, compression, abutments, pylons, etc.) and kinds of bridges (truss, suspension, arch, beam, etc.) to a good old map of the world and placing some of the world’s most famous bridges on it with a short history of each. It’s been great to see them back at the Atlases using them with skill and accuracy. We noticed that few of our books/resources didn’t include many African or South American bridges so I  did a little digging and gave them some lists and locations to choose from to add to their lists.

In math, the class can’t seem to get enough of Roman Numerals, but we continue to practice simplifying fractions, division and double-digit multiplication for some. We’re going to review some money and time concepts next week, so be prepared for some measuring at home.

I’ve gotten a bit confused as to what photos I’ve posted on these blogs as to the ones I post on the BCD Google Photo page, so there might be some overlap in the slideshow below if so, forgive me. There are some photos below from our Book Talks, our study of Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech, peer reading with the 2-year-olds, our Christmas party and our Valentine’s party today. The cards were really spectacular, and the students were truly touched by the effort and thought put into them all.

On a more mundane note, please be sure everyone has mittens, hats and snow pants. We go out for recess whenever we can, and only those properly suited up are allowed to sled.

Thank you Ken Dow for our recent Lunch Bunch, as always a bit hit with everyone. I am always overwhelmed by the effort you all go to to make these events as special as they are. I hope you know how much the kids appreciate it!

Enjoy the long holiday weekend!

Best to all,