Grade 3 Newsletter

This week in math, we will finish our units on multi-digit addition, money, and telling time.  We will begin to explore subtraction with regrouping.  The children are beginning to work more accurately and confidently to solve problems given in class.  I appreciate your help in studying those pesky math facts.  Flash cards are a great idea to do at home or in the car.  I strongly recommend that practice with these basic tables be done daily.  Your child will be amazed at his/her progress.

I have enjoyed listening to the ideas that the children have for their Berkshire presentations.  This is a good first foray into the area of gathering information and then organizing it to share with classmates.  Thank you in advance for helping your child find a suitable topic, books, and in some instances, for taking your child to visit a Berkshire site.

In language arts we are continuing to work on composition strategies, as well as the grammar-writing connection.  The students will write about what they are thankful for in writing lab this week.  These paragraphs will be sent home in the coming weeks so that they may be shared at your Thanksgiving celebration.

Halloween is tomorrow!  The Lower School will participate in an afternoon of fun activities.  Please remember that keeping things simple is best when organizing your child’s costume.

I am looking forward to discussing your wonderful third graders with you at parent conferences this Thursday, November 2nd and Friday, November 3rd.  Please note there are no classes on the 3rd, due to conferences.



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