A few weeks ago, Berkshire Country Day School hosted a “Bring a Friend to School Day” as part of our Open House series for the year. It was a tremendous success! As I circled through our classrooms to check on guests and their hosts, I saw laughter, participation, engagement, and the welcoming spirit of community that is infused throughout our school. Many thanks to students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents for supporting this event that showcased our school to prospective students and their families.

That was our first “Bring a Friend” day this year; there is another scheduled for April 21. (It’s during the Massachusetts public school spring vacation week AND just happens to be a Pizza Friday!) We also have two more traditional open houses scheduled for Tuesday, April 4, and Thursday, May 11; will be hosting a table at the Parents League “Kindergarten Fair” at Grace Church School in New York City on April 24; and are offering the Spring session of our “Little Penguins” toddler playgroup on April 11, 18, & 25. More information and online registration forms are located under the Admission heading on our website.

You can tell the next few months are a busy time for Berkshire Country Day School—and that’s awesome! We love having visitors during these events, as well as for individual tours to showcase the depth and breadth of our academics, arts, and athletics, along with the vibrancy of our student and adult community. Now that the Kevin Hirt Library and Learning Commons and the Kim and James Taylor Music/Performance Room are open, guests also get a sense of how our school continues to strengthen our program through new facilities and curricular enhancements.

When we’re back from break, the schedule in April, May, and early June will be full of visits. Each week, parents will be coming in to learn more about how Berkshire Country Day School can benefit their child, and prospective students will be shadowing in our classrooms, making friends with our students; participating in class projects, discussions, and activities; playing on our playgrounds and on our trails; and getting a real sense of what it would be like to be a BCD kid. I hope you’ll share the magic of BCD by “Bringing a Friend to School,” inviting a family to an Open House, passing along my name and contact information, and sharing the many exciting things happening at BCD every day. I’m looking forward to making some new friends!

Wishing everyone a wonderful break, and I’ll see you in two weeks!


A few of our visitors having fun during Bring a Friend to School Day!