Portfolios, zeros in the quotient and the morning light.

Dear All,

We are blessed with beautiful morning light in this classroom so when the class asked to work on their Social Studies time-lines with just the natural light, it was fine with me. I hope the pictures convey how special the light was this morning.

I was very pleased to see all the portfolio reflection sheets come back along with the envelopes! I told the class that I appreciated the care that they put into the assignment. We decided that they could respond to one piece of work with all 5 questions or just 2 questions about more than one piece. The portfolio envelopes (completed work) will be going home every Friday.

I love reading Maniac Magee with this crew. They have made solid connections with some of the more difficult themes of homelessness, racism, and acceptance. Some of the more challenging vocabulary words, (ex:suffice, emanate and infamous) have made for some great sentence writing.
The class completed a lesson where they matched different literary techniques with their definitions and examples. EVERYONE completed it correctly. We decided it was a great example of growth mindset thinking…instead of thinking – this is too hard, to think- this may take some time. Some photos of that class are attached. It was a great combination of independent and collaborative working.

The class continues to practice dividing with zeros in the quotient with good success. Somehow doing it on the classroom whiteboard makes it even more fun! I continue to emphasize math homework assignments that result in more than one right answer as well as allow for some creativity.

We will begin our study of US Geography in Social Studies next week with the new Trimester.

You will be getting information about the Book Fair next week and…pajama day on the 7th!

Hope you will be able to join for the Winter Concert on the 8th.

Best, Katharine

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