Dear Families,

What a great first week! This class is smart, kind, funny and ready to learn.

It’s a lot of new routines, new classrooms, new teachers, students and expectations. This group has jumped right in.

In Math class we visited the Distance Lab in the Learning Commons, to see how using only 4 4’s and 4 operations, we could create equations to equal numbers 1-20. I am going to introduce Visual Thinking later today for Friday Math classes and we will concentrate on number sense and numeracy a lot these first weeks.

They have taken notes on Poetry terms and techniques, located the 7 continents, spent time with Atlases, decided on Hopes and Dreams for the year ahead, started a new typing/keyboard program, started in either Band or Chorus (next week) played kickball with the rest of the Middle School and much more. They’ve done it with enthusiasm and excitement for the year ahead, just as it should be!

They did a particularly outstanding job of creating Class Rules for the year ahead. Senior Silva joined us for our weekly Advisory period and while we may have guided and synthesized a bit, these were really their rules and we were quite heartened to hear them. Some were, ‘Support your classmates and they learn with positive comments – Be generous of spirit and stuff – We are all different, no judging, no comparing.’

I look forward to seeing those of you that are able to come to Back To School Night next week. If you’re not able to, I will send a packet home the next day with the schedule and some other hand outs. I will give a call to check in with each of you by the end of the month, but if something comes up sooner, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I wish you a Happy and sweet New Year if you’re celebrating, or not!

View the Google Photos to see these fun and busy days:

Best, Katharine