Using tissue paper collage, Kindergarten teacher Andrea Patel began creating this work of art with her students in 2005 (all of whom are currently seventeen or eighteen years old).  Each child wrote the word “peace” in a different language, and the earth was decorated with white peace doves.  Every year since then, each kindergarten class has added new expressions of peace, in different languages, to their “peaceful world.”  The children express greetings to one another in these languages during their December Morning Meetings.  Now there are literally scores of different languages represented in the work of thirteen different kindergarten classes!

I am grateful for Andrea Patel and this BCD tradition that she has forged.  It connects many members of our community to one another and promotes their collective vision for our world.  Thank you for sharing your children and your dreams for them with all of us at Berkshire Country Day School.  As our diverse, vibrant community prepares to recognize the many traditions that define who we are, and on behalf of the faculty and staff at BCD, I send best wishes to everyone for joyful holidays, a relaxing vacation later this month, and a peaceful New Year.