Greetings from misty Wakefield, Rhode Island!

Day 2 of the epic Nature’s Classroom trip has been an exciting one. This morning we enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, bagels, cereal and yogurt before our dissection labs. Students had a choice of individual squid dissections with Kelly or a group shark dissection with Luna. In the end, the groups came together to share and notice the similarities and differences between these two creatures. Luna’s group discovered 8 shark babies inside their shark—4 boys and 4 girls. It even beats the Brady Bunch! Next, we headed to the boathouse and docks for some quiet time. Students were able to sketch the waterfront with colored pencils or write about their observation of the trip thus far.

At lunch, we devoured the grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, pretzels and salad prepared by Chef Derrick. And then back to the cabin, we headed to get ready for the afternoon sessions which would be outside and down by the shore.

Field group was a combination of crabbing and exploring the edge of the salt marsh. We used bits of sausage left over from breakfast, a clothespin, some string, and a stick to make low-budget, high-yield crab catching devices. And as you can see from the pictures, we caught a variety of types of crabs and lots of them!

For the afternoon electives, students chose between a creature camouflage activity, and making “spa” style facial masks from edibles.

Hopefully tonight the weather will hold for our outdoor night hike….

The staff here at NC have shared with both Tim and me what a kind and curious bunch of kids we have. It is such a pleasure to be with them on this trip and enjoy the downtime making string bracelets, playing gaga and hanging out in our cabin at night. When I was writing this, a few of them asked to be included in the blog:

“The food facial felt smooth and rough at the same time,” remarked Ellie, after the exfoliation stage of her oatmeal and honey mask.

“There were the biggest crabs we’ve ever ever EVER seen and the spider crabs have a rounder body. The green crabs are more of a classic crab shape,” shrieked Orli!

“My skin is seriously glowing,” shared Niyah.

“I feel fabulous,” insisted Ashley.

Stay tuned for more NC adventures!