Nature’s Classroom Day One!

Not a tear was shed by the parents or the kids as the Fifth Grade jubilantly embarked on their 4-day adventure to Nature’s Classroom in cloudy, Wakefield, Rhode Island. After a brief tour of the Charlton rest stop mid-way through the bus ride, we arrived at Nature’s Classroom where we unloaded the bus, ran around to get out some transportive ya-yas, and headed to our cabin, fondly called “Aspen” by the nature-y staff here at Nature’s Classroom. Aiden, Neal and Ethan have happily nicknamed their trio, “The Three Cookie Monster Cats”, while the girls have chosen,” The Eight Herculette Hawks.”

The girls and I “settled” into our side of the cabin, learning the mysteries of fitted sheets, and discovering that Ashley doesn’t use a pillow, even at home!

Lunch was a masterful presentation of festive corn dogs, alternative tofu pups, salad and French fries catered by Chef Derek. At my table, Niya was the responsible waitron who organized the dispensing and cleaning up of nourishment, while Kara took on the role at Tim’s table. The meal concluded with the Ort Report Dance and the announcement of the ort–that is the amount of non-compostable, non-recyclable waste from the meal. We weighed in at 3 pounds. I’m optimistic about dinner!


After lunch, the students split into field groups with their counselors, Kelly and Luna to do a variety of team building activities down at the salt marsh. They discovered all the organisms that reside in both the woods and the estuary and learned how they interrelate. “It’s so excited to work with BCD students this year because they always eager to learn and already have such a kind community in place, ” remarked Luna, a veteran NC staff member since 2015.


Enjoy these low-quality pictures from my phone and know there will be more to come. Your kids are spirited, fun and keep me and Tim laughing all the way. Now, go have a kid-free dinner and use that time you are not making tomorrow’s lunch or signing that planner to do something for yourself!!