Years and grades at BCD – Entered Nov. 1980, in second grade graduated in 88What are your fondest memories from BCD (events/teachers/trips)?
I loved our ‘fateful’ trip to Cape Cod in seventh grade; we all went to the oceans edge at night with Mrs. Sadighi to see the sand ‘light up’ when we scraped our fingers in the sand as the waves rolled away. Something to do with algae. I also loved our girls’ varsity soccer team and the soccer banquets at the old Lenox House. Working on the yearbook in 9th grade was an eye opener; so much work goes into it. Canoeing and camping on the Housatonic (don’t get wet, PCBs!)was a blast, hot Tang!Where did you go once you left BCD? High School, College, Grad School, travels?
Miss Hall’s School, Pittsfield 1991; Skidmore College, BS, 1995; Lesley College, MEd, 1998.Where are you living now?
Lenox, MAWhat are you doing now (work/family/personal projects)?   Teaching at BCD, I am the B3’s teacher. I have 2 sons, Cameron, 10 in 5th grade at BCD and Trevor,9 in 3rd grade at BCD, this is their first year @ BCD; I am a Den Mother for their Cub Scout Troop. We love to travel and recently went to California and Florida and Cape Cod.What are your plans for the future? To continue teaching at BCD! To spend time with my boys and watch them enjoy their childhood.How do you think your time at BCD influenced the choices you’ve made? BCD taught me to approach situations with an open mind, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover”.

What about your time at BCD are you most thankful for? All of it. We were a little family and really loved each other. I felt save and felt like it was a judgment free zone.

What advice can you offer current students at BCD?   Do your homework! Take time to get to know each other and if you say ‘keep in touch’ you need to take that first step and do it, or you could lose each other. Life is short, enjoy every minute!