The Parents’ Association is thrilled to welcome you (back) this year!  We hope that you all had an amazing summer, and we are looking forward to another wonderful school year at BCD!  We want to point out a few very important special events coming right up so you can get them on your calendar:

Tuesday, September 3: First Day of School! (Note the new start time of 8:15 am.) Join other parents in the Kittredge Room in Albright for an opening day reception for parents from 8-9am. Refreshments and connections!

Friday, September 6: Installation Ceremony for Jenifer Fox, BCD’s 15th Head of School, followed by a cocktail reception to kick off the year (adults only, please), 6-8 pm. This is an exciting fresh beginning for BCD and an opportunity for us to launch our new journey together as a strong and unified community! Your attendance will help start things off with the positive energy that growing friendships, hopes, and dreams bring.

Friday, September 13: First Parents’ Association Meeting, 8:15 am. Everyone is welcome! Come make some friends and see how we can all work together to make this year great for everyone!

Jen Glockner (Ben and Sam, grade 5) & Stephanie Lazar (Adelia Newman, grade 2, and Oliver Newman, grade 5)
PA Co-Chairs