Middle School: Grades 4 through 6

BCD’s Middle School students develop important study habits and practice critical learning skills. It is our goal to develop independent learners, who take the initiative with tasks and work responsibly and enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Class discussions include a variety of topics such as respect, responsibility, courage, value-systems, decision-making, tolerance, excellence, success, manners, and service.

Middle School Highlights

  • Students change classrooms and buildings throughout the day for classes with teachers specialized in their subject.
  • Students have the option of continuing their French studies or switching to Spanish.
  • French and Spanish classes conducted in the target language.
  • Latin added in sixth grade as the second required language.
  • English classes stress classics and writing skills, with extensive reading from a variety of unabridged classic books and frequent writing assignments.
  • Social Studies program focuses on exploration and discovery, ancient cultures, U.S. History, and global, political, and cultural geography and history.
  • Rich and extensive Arts program – visual, woodworking, ceramics, graphic arts, chorus, instrumental bands, and theater.
  • Laboratory-based science program, emphasizes scientific methodology, including conducting experiments, taking notes, and documenting the scientific process.
  • Math curriculum focuses on numerical, algebraic, and geometric foundations, offering a solid preparation for algebra in Grades 7-8.
  • Extended, curriculum-based field trips begin in Grade 5.
  • Team sports begin in Grade 4 and include soccer, basketball, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and lacrosse.
  • Theater workshops offered in Grades 4-6.
  • Students are assigned advisors, who guide and monitor their advisees’ academic and personal progress.

Middle School Teachers

* Grade 4
Homeroom Teachers: Ms. Green
Art: Ms. Sicurella and Mr. Evans and Mr. Spitzer
French: Mme. Barlow
Humanities: Ms. Green
Integrated Studies: Ms. Green
Math: Ms. Green
Music: Mr. Martin
PE: Ms. Shortelle
Science: Mr. Gore
Shop: Mr. Katz
Spanish: Señor Silva

* Grade 5
Homeroom Teachers: Dr. Lederman
Art: Ms. Sicurella and Mr. Evans and Mr. Spitzer
English: Dr. Lederman
French: Mme. Barlow
History: Dr. Lederman
Integrated Studies: Dr. Lederman
Math: Dr. Lederman
Music & Chorus: Mr. Martin
PE: Ms. Shortelle
Science: Mr. Gore
Shop: Mr. Katz
Spanish: Señor Silva

* Grade 6
Homeroom Teachers: 
Mr. Oakes and Ms. Shortelle
Art: Ms. Sicurella and Mr. Evans and Mr. Spitzer
English: Mr. Oakes
French: Mme. Barlow
Geography: Mrs. Pitcher-Hoffman and Mr. Oakes
Integrated Studies: Mr. Oakes
Latin: Mrs. Fawcett
Math: Mrs. Benner and Mr. Douglas
Music & Chorus: Mr. Martin
PE: Ms. Shortelle
Science: Mr. Gore
Shop: Mr. Katz
Spanish: Señor Silva