Social Curriculum


Our values as a community guide us in the social and academic growth of our students.

Lower School

In Lower School, students are introduced to Responsive Classroom®, an approach to teaching and learning that consists of practical strategies for bringing together social and academic learning throughout the school day. Responsive Classroom® promotes a classroom culture around such social skills as cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control.

Highlights of Responsive Classroom:

  • Morning Meeting
  • Classroom Rules
  • Interactive Modeling
  • Positive Teacher Language
  • Logical Consequences
  • Guided Discovery
  • Academic Choice
  • Classroom Organization
  • Working with Families
  • Collaborative Problem Solving

Middle School

In Middle School, facets of Responsive Classroom® continue during two dedicated advisory periods per week. Advisors work hand in hand with their advisees and parents on social and academic issues while addressing topics dealing with human development, values education and decision-making, bullying and self esteem.

Upper School

In Upper School, students are introduced to the Owning Up® social curriculum. TheOwning Up program, created and developed by Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes, provides a structured program for teaching students to own up and take responsibility – as perpetrators, bystanders, and targets – for unethical behavior. The idea of ‘owning up’ is for students to own up to their decisions and behaviors, and as a result, to become empowered to stand up for themselves and others. Social skills work is often done in same-sex groups, as a class, and in small groups with students’ advisors.