History Links:
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Patrick Henry
Give me liberty or…
Civil War Battle & Civil War Casualties Interactive Map
Rewrite American History
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Religion in the Colonial World
Zinn Education Project
The French and Indian War
Digital History: A Timeline
Washington’s Bio Terrorists
Today’s Document from the National Archives
Hargrett Rare Library Map Collection–Colonial America
Tools used in Colonial Williamsburg
Avalon Project 18th Century
Three Branches of Government Video
The Preamble Video
I’m Just a Bill Video
But Mr. Adams-1776 Soundtrack Video
Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration Video
Taino (Arawak) Indians
Flashcards for American Revolution

History Games:
Bill of Rights Game
Declaration of Independence Trivia Quiz
Jamestown Game
Dear America
Monticello Explorer
Salem Witch Trials Jeopardy