Planned Giving

Brook Farm Society

The Brook Farm Society recognizes those families and individuals who have made a legacy gift to the School through a bequest in their will or some other type of planned gift. By including BCD in their estate planning today, Brook Farm Society members ensure a strong and sustainable financial future for the School.

To become a member of the Brook Farm Society, please contact the Development Office at 413-637-0755 x144.

Below is an overview of the types of vehicles that may be used to make a planned gift to BCD. Please consult your financial adviser for advice on what type of gift would work best for you and your family.


Bequests are perhaps the best-known and most widely understood planned gift arrangement. A gift done through one’s will is a classic way to express one’s dedication to Berkshire Country Day School. Such a gift is simple to arrange, satisfying to complete and beneficial to BCD.

Types of Bequests:
Unrestricted Bequests:  Used for general purposes, this type of bequest is especially appreciated because it can be put to immediate use in the areas of greatest need at the School.

Restricted Bequests:  This is a bequest that instructs Berkshire Country Day School to use the gift in a specific manner.

Both restricted and unrestricted bequests are made in the following ways:
Specific Bequest:  A specific asset or collection of assets in the form of cash, securities, or other property is bequeathed to the School. You may designate a specific amount or a percentage of the property.

Residuary Bequest:  You may bequest all or a percentage of what remains of your estate after all specific legacies have been satisfied and debts and expenses have been paid.

Contingent Bequest:  If a named beneficiary is not alive when you die, all or a portion of your estate in the event will go to Berkshire Country Day School. This type of bequest can avoid costly litigation or prevent property from reverting to the state for lack of heirs.

Gifts of Real Estate

A primary or vacation residence or other property may be used to fund a charitable gift. Donors may choose to continue to live in a house or to give a home outright. Investment property may be gifted as well.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Many people own outdated or unneeded life insurance policies. One’s circumstances may change: children leave home, a couple moves to a smaller home, or an individual receives an inheritance. Consider donating an unneeded insurance policy to Berkshire Country Day School and receive a charitable tax deduction while you are making a special gift.