Last chance for summer reading materials in French through Bayard-Milan!

Bonjour tout le monde,

Tomorrow, May 15th, I will have a table of sample materials from the French language publishing house, Bayard-Milan, on display for your consideration in the Learning Commons.

My hope is that parents and families of students of all ages at BCD will stop by during or after school to peruse the selections, and consider subscribing to a magazine for your child for some enriching summer reading in French!

From Pre-school through Gr.9, there is something for everyone!

The samples on display will be organized by level and age, and include a plethora of themes, styles, and layouts. Please check out the link below for more information on the different magazines offered, per age.

What is Bayard-Milan?  … “We are journalists, graphic designers, early childhood education professionals, employees or freelancers … for forty years we have chosen to put our readers at the center of our editorial thinking. Listening to them, understanding them, astonishing them, nourishing them with inspirational works and accompanying them at each stage of their lives.”

Here’s a short excerpt on the mission of Bayard-Milan:

“More than anything, today as for yesterday, we have a duty of promoting enchantment in the younger generation. And in this particular situation where our magazines are not the voice of parents or teachers, but of caring accomplices, we can highlight the positive force that exists in everyone and in the many situations one encounters in life. And when you have the chance to live through words, thanks to talented creators, characters who can embody all their life experiences, it’s as if we invent small lights that will mark the lives of children and which they are will remember for a long time.” 

Please carve out a few minutes tomorrow to check out the selection of Foreign Language materials in the Learning Commons, for all grade levels and interests!


Mme. Daire

P.s for all inquiries concerning subscriptions, please refer directly to the US agent for Bayard-Milan ;

Ms. Catherine LAMY

[email protected]

*Orders are not placed through BCD.


Merci beaucoup!

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The Two-Year-Old Tribe

The tribe has spent many days together finding their place and purpose at Berkshire Country Day School.

We have settled upon the gymnasium as our primary place for gross motor exploration. We spend the majority of our time in the gym playing chase with our friends and teachers. We continue to practice our jumps off the mats with great success, coupled with a few tumbles that are followed by, “Are you okay?” and, “Do you want a hug?”

We have found our purpose at school as well. Our purpose is to play. Our purpose is to explore the world around us through our extensive study of play.

Sensory Exploration

We have also been thoroughly appreciating the many sensory explorations BCD has to offer; including: Orbeez, sand, water, mud, sticks, leaves, play dough and even paint!

While November is passing us by, it seems as though the tribe has belonged to BCD for years. As a whole, they are forming a congealed community of rapidly developing two-year-olds. We have become accustomed to the footsteps upstairs,  the busyness of the cubby room, and the daily visits from administration.

As the weather turns colder, we continue to grow closer. Closer to our school, closer to our peers, closer to our teachers, and closer to achieving many independent skills we have been working on since September. We have been working on unzipping coats and lunchboxes, twisting open applesauce and yogurt pouches, and taking off our socks and shoes before nap time. The colder months bring us new challenges of putting on snow-pants, gloves, hats and heavy boots.





We are looking forward to spending the next few weeks outside in the wonderful Berkshires!

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