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Spring has sprung! (Somewhat. Kinda. Maybe…..)

Though there are still occasional forecasts of snow, we, as a class, have thoroughly embraced spring. Preparing for recess, I am asked daily, “Ms. Patel, do I have to wear my jacket?” and there are groans of dismay, when, unfortunately, my answer is often yes. But once we’re outside and the children start running around, jackets, sweatshirts, and long-sleeved shirts get peeled off, and the children run and play with abandon. Inside the classroom, we can create spring no matter what the weather is doing. Come see our walls – the children have made beautiful artwork, using tissue paper collage, that depict spring happenings. We learned two new poems this month, which you’ll hear at our assembly: Ode to Spring by Walter R. Brooks, and April Rain Song by Langston Hughes. We were very fortunate last week when Lisa Smyle, parent of a BCD eighth grader, came to our classroom. Lisa is an interpreter for the deaf community, and she taught us the ASL signs for the Langston Hughes poem. By the way, the class is working hard and enthusiastically for their assembly; you will be so proud of them!

What else tells me spring is here? The children are taller, more capable, and more independent. They are confident in the classroom and on the playground. The connections between them remain strong, even when there are disagreements, and they have skills now to negotiate those times. Classroom routines are internalized; they know what to do and when to do it. Spring is a good season in the classroom – the children’s curiosity, caring, and competence is evident everywhere I look.

Other signs of spring: we will go on a trip this week to Hancock Shaker Village to see the baby animal exhibit. And in two weeks, we’ll hike in Kennedy Park for our annual Mountain Day. On both of these events, we’ll be joined by PK-3rdgrade. More information about these trips will come home in lunch boxes.

I look forward to seeing you all on May 11 for the Poetry Assembly, and hope that all of you can stay for the Class Potluck Lunch immediately afterwards. All grandparents and special friends are invited as well.

Some recent photos. Sorry that there are only two – I tried to upload three more, but this page wouldn’t let me!




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Heading south!

Antarctica – that frozen continent – what a wonder! Our class has been thoroughly entranced by all that there is to learn about this remarkable land. One question has led to another, as we’ve read about some of the explorers, learned about icebergs, and talked about which animals can survive there. With a focus on the specific penguins that live there (Emperor, King, Adelie, and Rockhopper), the children have learned each one’s identifying characteristics, their relative size, the different kinds of nests they make or the unusual way they care for their eggs. (On that note – ask your child to tell you how the Emperor penguins care for their eggs and chicks!) The children know that there are 17 different kinds of penguins worldwide, and that all but one live south of the equator (the Galapagos penguin is the exception). Ever wondered which animals eat penguins? Or why their backs are black and their stomachs white? Ask your children – they have the answers!

We had a real treat today when award-winning photographer Sally Eagle came to the classroom to share her slides of Antarctica with the class. Her photographs are vibrant and exciting and the children had lots and lots of questions for her about them. If you’d like to see some yourself, Sally, along with her husband Dan Mead, another award-winning photographer, currently have over 70 images on display at Kimball Farms in Lenox. It’s called “Focus on our World” and runs through April 10. Try to go!

In other classroom news – Valentine’s Day was great fun! Alaska Day was great fun! And next Wednesday will be the 100th Day of School – more great fun! February is filled with wonderful events!

Making valentine cards for our families!

Have a good weekend!


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