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Grade 3 News

Third grade has been buzzing with productive work in all areas of the curriculum.  In math, we have finished our study of fractions and will move on to our final unit of the year, decimals, over the next few days.  While in social studies, our exploration of Canada is coming to a close.  The students are currently researching a province in the country and constructing a guide about it as their final project.  We will conclude the year with a look at Australia.

The biography presentations were a tremendous success a few weeks ago.  Pictures of this event can be found on the school’s Instagram account.  It was lovely to have a chance to chat casually with each of you at that time.  A special thank you to each parent for helping to make this project possible.

On Wednesday, May 16th, the third grade (along with students in grades PK-2) will travel to Kennedy Park in Lenox to celebrate Mountain Day.  The children have learned about the history of the area and will have an opportunity to visit the site of the former Aspinwall Hotel.  We will leave campus at 10 am and return around 1:00 pm.  Please make sure your child has the following items:

  1. A snack and a lunch.
  2. Appropriate outdoor attire, as we will be walking in the woods.
  3. Sneakers/hiking boots
  4.  A towel to sit on at lunch.


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Grade 3 Service Learning Project

This fall, the third grade class in conjunction with the eighth graders embarked on a service learning project that looked at the importance of Wetlands, their relevance to BCD and to the world at large.  The students participated in a variety of activities to enhance their understanding of the topic.  They constructed models of wetlands to understand how water is filtered through these areas, mapped out wetland areas found on the BCD campus, and participated in a lecture provided by a Berkshire Community College professor on creatures native to wetlands.

Throughout the unit, while learning about a wetland’s importance, students identified on the school’s campus sites where improvements could be made to help preserve these areas of BCD.  Ideas included clearing overgrown trails, removing invasive vegetation, and relocating a set of steps that lead to a sports field above the pond.  Last week, as a culminating project to the unit, the two grades worked collaboratively to clear brush from three trails found on the campus.  They also created a song, fact booklet, and board game about Wetlands to help educate other students at the school about the topic.  This collaborative project has served as a vehicle to educate students about the importance of caring for one’s environment through community action.


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Grade 3 Newsletter

Please remind your child to read at least 15 minutes each night.  Encourage your child to wonder about plot or characters and begin to notice descriptive words.  Thank you again for being such good reading role models for your children.

The third graders have received this week, in social studies class, information regarding their next project- The Biography Report.  As they read about this person’s life, I would like them to answer the following questions:

1. Whom are you reading about?
2. Where did this person spend his/her childhood?
3. What did this person do before he/she became famous?
4. What are this person’s greatest accomplishments?
5. When did this person die? (or what is he/she currently doing?)
6. Share an interesting story about your topic.

I would like the children to answer the questions on a separate piece of paper and, pretending to be the famous person, create a presentation of at least a minute.  Students will dress up and use props to make their presentation come alive.

As noted on the handout, all projects are due April 18th.  The presentations will take place on May 4th at 2:00 p.m. in the third grade homeroom.  Parents are invited to join us on this day for this spectacular event.

Beginning January 22nd, all students need to arrive at school no later than 8:10 am.  The children will be taking the ERBs, a standardized test given to third graders at this time of year.  For a further explanation of this test, please refer to the letter that was sent home.  Thank you in advance for your help with this matter.

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Grade 3 Newsletter

In math this week we will start our unit on multiplication.  The children will learn a variety of memory strategies to help them master these important tables.  As we continue to move forward with the third grade curriculum, it is important to review previously introduced concepts at home.  Reviewing material from time to time will help your child master important mathematical procedures.

I was so impressed by the children’s Berkshire Presentations.  The students were well prepared and I was proud of all the research they did.  It was truly amazing to see the number of historical sites that are within our reach!

In language arts/writing lab the students are learning that good writers choose words that help create pictures in a reader’s mind.  Adjectives are our current topic of study in this subject.  The children are also learning about topic sentences, supporting details, and paragraph format.

As the weather gets colder, please make sure your child comes to school with a hat, mittens, jacket, snow pants, boots, and an extra set of clothing (in case your child’s clothing gets wet at recess).  Please label these items so they can be easily returned to their proper owner if they get misplaced.

This is the time of year when I like to take a moment to acknowledge all the people who help make Third Grade a special place.  Thank you to the class parents for organizing the various special events that have taken place in the classroom.  Thank you to the many people who have volunteered to host a lunch bunch.  Finally, thank you third grade parents for your input, insight, and support!  It is a pleasure to work with all of you.

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Grade 3 Newsletter

The Berkshire Research Projects should be nearly completed at this point.  Dioramas are due November 29th.  The children are looking forward to sharing their findings with their peers in social studies on this day.  At this time I would like to thank each parent for helping to make this project possible.

In math this week, we will start our unit on subtraction with regrouping and plan to move on to multiplication in the coming weeks.  Once again, since the children are using the addition and subtraction tables daily, I encourage you to keep practicing the basic facts at home.

I am continuing to see improvement in the students’ written expression in their reading notebooks.  It is a pleasure to read your child’s opinion and reflections about a particular piece of literature. Some great book choices are being made!

Thanksgiving Soup is around the corner (11/21/17).  Please note there is an early dismissal on this day.

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Grade 3 Newsletter

This week in math, we will finish our units on multi-digit addition, money, and telling time.  We will begin to explore subtraction with regrouping.  The children are beginning to work more accurately and confidently to solve problems given in class.  I appreciate your help in studying those pesky math facts.  Flash cards are a great idea to do at home or in the car.  I strongly recommend that practice with these basic tables be done daily.  Your child will be amazed at his/her progress.

I have enjoyed listening to the ideas that the children have for their Berkshire presentations.  This is a good first foray into the area of gathering information and then organizing it to share with classmates.  Thank you in advance for helping your child find a suitable topic, books, and in some instances, for taking your child to visit a Berkshire site.

In language arts we are continuing to work on composition strategies, as well as the grammar-writing connection.  The students will write about what they are thankful for in writing lab this week.  These paragraphs will be sent home in the coming weeks so that they may be shared at your Thanksgiving celebration.

Halloween is tomorrow!  The Lower School will participate in an afternoon of fun activities.  Please remember that keeping things simple is best when organizing your child’s costume.

I am looking forward to discussing your wonderful third graders with you at parent conferences this Thursday, November 2nd and Friday, November 3rd.  Please note there are no classes on the 3rd, due to conferences.



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Grade 3 Newsletter

In math this week we will begin our unit on multi-digit addition.  Please review the basic math facts at home.  This will increase your child’s confidence and speed, as we continue to work with larger numbers.

Our latest character word in writing lab is “cooperation.”  The children have discussed the meaning of this important word, and their final thoughts on the topic will be displayed in the third grade classroom.  The students have a good grasp of what this word means, and I am impressed with how they are applying it to their everyday lives.

This week the students will be given information regarding their first research project of the year- “The Berkshire Research Project.” Students are asked to select and research a person or place associated with Berkshire County.  An instruction sheet complete with questions and checkpoint dates will be provided to each student.  If your child has any questions regarding the project, please ask him/her to bring them in to school, as I will save time at the end of each day to discuss how the projects are progressing.

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Grade 3 Newsletter

In math class we are looking at place value and its importance.  While in reading class, we are working to read for detail and to improve our written answers to comprehension questions.  I am looking for capital letters, end marks, and correct spelling. The children are working very hard and I am pleased with the results.

The various towns that make up Berkshire County are our current topic in social studies.  Many students have visited historical sites in the area and have offered their observations during class discussions.

In preparation for our Grandparents/Grand Friends celebration on Friday, October 6th, students will create Diamante poems.  It is a pleasure to get to meet the various people that the children honor in their poems.  Please note that there is an early dismissal on this day.

I look forward to seeing you all at Back-to-School Night this Thursday, September 28th.  It is always nice to have an opportunity to show you how hard your child is working in class.  If you ever have any questions about the curriculum or would like to come in to see the work your child is completing in class, please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to set up a meeting with you.


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Grade 3 Newsletter

Welcome to Third Grade! Twice a month you will be receiving a newsletter, like this one, to tell you what your child is doing in class and how you and others at home can help.

During the first few weeks of school, the students have been studying graphing in math. The children have learned how to identify and read pictographs, line graphs, and bar graphs. Next week we will begin our unit on place value and time.

The social studies program has opened with a unit on Berkshire County. For the next two months the students will be learning about the Berkshires’ history and folklore.

In language arts, the children created bio-poems. These pieces will be displayed at Back-to-School Night on September 28th. At that time, an overview of the Third Grade Curriculum will be presented.

Important reminder: Please send a note to class with your child if there is a change in his/her normal after-school pick up or bus routine.

I am looking forward to working with each of you to provide your child with a happy and successful third grade year!


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