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Berkshire Country Day School is an independent Pre-K – 9 school that balances a comprehensive, challenging curriculum with the culture and spirit of the Berkshires. Our intentional approach of inquiry, discovery, and discussion blends proven methods with emerging best practices to draw fully on the experiences and contributions of our entire school community. Our curriculum includes project-based and experiential learning, leveraging the talents of our exemplary educators and the natural resources of our extraordinary campus to inspire independence, academic excellence, and mutual respect. Our arts program features a wide range of studio classes taught by practicing artists, and our sports program builds strong bonds across ages, genders, and skill levels.

Affording BCD

We recognize that investing in an independent school education can present financial challenges for some. We strive to keep tuition affordable without sacrificing the extraordinary strength of our programs or quality of our faculty, and we budget over $400,000 each year to assist students who might otherwise be unable to take advantage of all that Berkshire Country Day has to offer. Learn more about the ways families like yours pay for their child’s education, including financial aid and monthly tuition payment plans.

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If you’ve been considering Berkshire Country Day School for your child, there’s no better time to apply!
Here’s what one parent recently had to say just a few months after his children began their BCD education:
“The essence of BCD is that it’s a great and unique learning environment – there’s nothing else like it that I’ve ever seen. BCD is full of happy, engaged kids who are self-confident and inquisitive…BCD does more to develop kids as creative thinkers…most importantly the teachers are incredible. When we attended the tour, my wife and I met with [The previous Head of School] Paul [Lindenmaier] and he said the boys’ teacher in third grade, Gill Romano, was ‘a rockstar.’ After they started school, I sent an email to Paul saying that he had undersold her. Mrs. Romano is relentless in her commitment to knowing our kids and how they learn. The difference was noticeable right off the bat.”
These sentiments are echoed at every grade level.
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