Lower School: Kindergarten – Grade 3

Our faculty teach students, through guided discovery and inquiry, to build a solid foundation in reading, writing and mathematics, explore and better their understanding of the world around them through science and social studies, discover their creative talents through music and art, and grow as responsive and responsible citizens through our social curriculum, Responsive Classroom.

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Lower School Highlights

  • Reading program promotes individual development and fluency using a range of whole-language methodologies.
  • Reading classes are taught using a variety of authentic literature sources such as picture books, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.
  • Creative and expository writing is introduced and developed.
  • Reading and math are taught in small groups designed for different learning styles  and developmental levels.
  • Mathematics program emphasizes understanding concepts and mastering skills through exploration and practice, applying skills to real-life problem solving, and learning through hands-on activities and the use of manipulatives.
  • Social Studies classes focus on local communities and different cultures.
  • Science taught in the science lab stresses inquiry-based learning, and includes topics in life, environmental,  physical, earth, and natural sciences. The campus nature trail and pond provide hands-on learning opportunities for exploring native plants and animals.
  • The French and Spanish program introduces core vocabulary and skills while promoting each child’s development as a language learner.
  • Peer reading program pairs Lower School students with Kindergarten, Preschool or Middle School partners.
  • Social Skills program partners students in grades K–3 to provide friendship opportunities across ages.
  • Technology instruction begins in Grade 3.

Lower School Teachers

* Kindergarten Classroom: Ms. Patel
Art: Ms. Sicurella and Mr. Evans and Ms. Cameron
Señor Silva
Music: Ms. Bernal
Physical Education: Mr. Storti

* First & Second Grade Vertical Classroom: Ms. Hollander
Art: Ms. Sicurella and Mr. Evans and Ms. Cameron
Spanish: Señor Silva
Music & Chorus: Ms. Bernal and Mr. Suters
Physical Education: Mr. Storti

* Third Grade Class: Ms. Allentuck
Art: Ms. Sicurella and Mr. Evans and Ms. Cameron
Spanish: Señor Silva
Music & Chorus: Ms. Bernal and Mr. Suters
Physical Education: Mr. Storti
Science: Mr. Gore

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