BCD Faculty

BCD’s talented, innovative faculty cultivates in students the desire, confidence, and skills to be creative learners and critical thinkers. Our distinct program and commitment to excellence attracts, engages, and retain individuals who are passionate about teaching and inspired by students. These teachers have access to the tools and resources they need to be energetic, informed, successful educators. They inspire, shape, and impact each student in meaningful ways that extend well beyond the classroom. They encourage originality, instill confidence, and model leadership – making the BCD experience one that prepares young people to become independent thinkers, creative individuals, and exemplary citizens of the world.

  • Jennifer Fox
    Jennifer Fox
    Head of School
  • Kate Skivington
    Kate Skivington
    Dean of Academics
  • Susan Benner
    Susan Benner
    Director of Middle School Programming, Physics, Pre-Algebra

Early Learning Teachers

  • Carli Imreh-Allegretta
    Carli Imreh-Allegretta
    Beginner 2s
  • Kristina Hallock
    Kristina Hallock
    Beginner 3s & PreKindergarten – Co-Teacher
  • Eleanor Rochman
    Eleanor Rochman
    Beginner 3s & PreKindergarten - Co-Teacher
  • Andrea Patel
    Andrea Patel
    Kindergarten Classroom
  • Max Bambery
    Max Bambery
    Early Learning Assistant
  • Wyome Sadhana
    Wyome Sadhana
    Early Learning Assistant

Lower School Teachers

  • Erika Hollander
    Erika Hollander
    Grades 1 & 2 Classroom
  • Katharine Allentuck
    Katharine Allentuck
    Grades 3 & 4 Classroom
  • TBD
    Grade 5 Classroom
  • Tim Gore
    Tim Gore
    Grade 6 Homeroom, Science Grades 3-5 & 8, Geography and Physics

Middle School Teachers

  • Ned Douglas
    Ned Douglas
    History & Algebra 1
  • Eugénie Fawcett
    Eugénie Fawcett
  • Tim Gore
    Tim Gore
    Grade 6 Homeroom, Science Grades 3-5 & 8, Geography and Physics
  • Jilly Lederman
    Jilly Lederman
    Grade 7 Homeroom & MS English
  • Kathy Shortelle
    Kathy Shortelle
    Grade 8 Homeroom, Math, Pre-Algebra & Algebra

Co-Curricular Teachers

  • James Fawcett
    James Fawcett
    Civics Through the Arts
  • Deanna Collins
    Deanna Collins
  • Miguel Silva
    Miguel Silva
  • Sasha Sicurella
    Sasha Sicurella
    Art, Visual Arts Program Coordinator
  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans
  • Jon Suters
    Jon Suters
    Music, Band & Electronic Music
  • Jordan Storti
    Jordan Storti
    Physical Education