The School’s Philosophy

Berkshire Country Day School’s intentional approach of inquiry, discovery, and discussion blends proven methods with emerging best practices to draw fully on the experiences and contributions of our entire school community. Our comprehensive curriculum, which includes project-based and experiential learning, leverages the talents of our exemplary educators and the natural resources of our extraordinary campus to inspire independence, academic excellence, and mutual respect.

Mission Statement

Berkshire Country Day School exists to inspire the individual promise of every student, that each may become an exemplary citizen of the world.

The School’s Values

Our values guide us to engage members of the school community in the shared responsibility of fostering students’ growth and supporting their individual talents and passions.

We provide learning activities that inspire creativity and thoughtful reflection in an environment where each student is nurtured, celebrated, and encouraged to take risks.
We promote academic excellence and scholarship so that each student can flourish and succeed through a vigorous curriculum and an extensive offering of arts and athletics.
We empower acts of inclusion and acceptance with due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, and traditions of others.
We educate our community about the impact of our actions and behaviors on the environment and instill practices that protect its long-term viability.
We establish trust, cooperation, and accountability within an atmosphere of belonging where we all invest in the success and well-being of each other.
We ensure the physical, social, and emotional health of each community member.
We guide all members of our diverse school community to become ethical, engaged, and informed global citizens.

BCD’s Vision

distinct in program, adventurous in spirit, engaged in a changing world