There are options available at BCD to help you meet school expenses, such as a monthly payment plan (Tuition Management Systems).

Grade Tuition Rates
Preschool (Beginner 3s & PreKindergarten)       $8,800 – $15,800 (depending on number & length of days per week)      
Lower School (Kindergarten – Grade 3) $20,000 – $23,100
Middle School (Grade 4 – 6) $24,200 – $25,700
Upper School (Grade 7 – 9) $26,700 – $28,600

Financial Aid

For a detailed description of financial aid at BCD, please download this document: 2016 2017 Need-Based Financial Aid Program.

The overriding purpose of the Financial Aid program at Berkshire Country Day School is to ensure that accepted candidates have the opportunity to attend the school regardless of financial circumstances. BCD is actively committed to maintaining rigorous academic standards and to seeking a diverse student population. A major use of financial aid is to achieve these goals.

Financial Aid funds are limited and, as a result, families are asked to remember that while BCD is here to help you to the extent its funding allows, the school believes the responsibility for a child’s education rests with the family. An independent school education is an investment in your child’s future, and you will undoubtedly have to make some sacrifices.

It is important to know that applying for financial aid has no bearing on admission to Berkshire Country Day School. You should not hesitate to apply for Admission because of limited financial resources. No child will be denied admission because of financial need. The Admission Office asks you to understand that you may not be offered a grant, regardless of your need, because the school’s resources are limited and must be allocated accordingly.

The financial aid application must be completed on-line at