During the past week, the technology resources and the guidelines regarding the appropriate use of technology that have been provided by the school to BCD students in Grades 4-9 were reviewed.  The following changes have been made:

– BCD’s Edmodo (social media) sites, with the exception of one that is being used in class to complete a 4th grade project, were archived and can no longer be accessed.

– All student passwords are being changed and strengthened.  Students and parents will receive information from Computer teacher Maureen Tumenas about that.

– The instant messaging (IM) feature for all student email accounts has been disabled.

– The guidelines for student use of BCD-provided email accounts have been amended.  Use of BCD-hosted email accounts is now limited for school purposes only. 

BCD’s handbooks have been amended with the addition of a revised Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan.  These changes have been made, and you may review them by going to the handbook file that is available from the downloads tab on MyBCD.

Please talk with your children about the expectations that you have established regarding their use of technology at home. Consider discussing where, when, and how your children will access technology (computers, tablets, iPods, and smart phones) at home and away from school.  It is a conversation I encourage you to revisit regularly.  I also encourage you to review your guidelines for the use of technology with other parents when you plan social activities and sleepovers (just as you do about what movies, television shows, and videos will be watched).  I have added a resource that may be helpful for you – “Parent Media and Technology Education Program” – to the Resources for Parents list on the right side of my blog.