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Fully Immersed: 5th Grade Visits Mass MoCA

Fear. Wonder. Curiosity. Disbelief. Dizziness. Rarely does an art exhibition have the power to evoke all of our senses and to present us with an opportunity to become fully immersed in a unique collective experience. Large-scale installation works by artists Nick Cave, Alex da Corte, Tom Friedman, Ryan and Trevor Oakes,  Christopher Gausby, Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel, Sharon Ellis, Jen Bervin and others truly ‘wowed’ 5th Grade students on last Friday’s field trip to Mass MoCA. This week, the class will break down their experiences in the studio with Mr. Spitzer, who will use the artists’ work as inspiration for new projects.

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Amazing (Winter Music Concert)

Weren’t they great? I am still recuperating from being blown away by our talented young musicians in grades PreK-9. From “Peace is the World Smiling,” to “White Winter Hymnal,” each student really brought their best self to the stage and to all the rehearsals before as well.


Looking forward to seeing what our performers do at Arts Night 2, Spring Concert, Private Lessons Recitals, Arts Night 3, and LS Spring Musical in the New Year! Until then, time for us all to bundle up by our hearths and enjoy some seasonal festivities…

Thanks to each and every BCD community member, you all helped bring our 2016 Winter Concert to life. Special shout-outs to Mr. Lee and the Facilities team, Mr. Spitzer for mounting Student Art, our ebullient co-M.C. Ms. Doherty, and our creative team of parent and student Elves who helped setup the beautiful concert space last night.

Lucky me to teach these amazing young musicians. Lucky us to enjoy listening to the final product of their efforts! You can access some Audio from our Winter Concert and Arts Night performances available on SoundCloud! Thanks Ms. DelCarpine for recording.

Musically Yours,

Mr. Martin