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Alumni Profiles

All BCD alums have played a part in shaping the legacy of the school and have undoubtedly left their mark on the world; each contributing and making a difference in their own unique way. Below are some extended profiles we’ve collected for our annual alumni magazine BCD Today. Please click the names to read them.

Alumni are always welcome to speak to our current students about their work and experiences, or to submit their own Alumni News or Extended Profile for the magazine. Contact alumni@berkshirecountryday.org (alumni null@null berkshirecountryday NULL.org) for more information.

Noah ElkinNoah Elkin, BCD class of 1984
Lydia Chernicoff, BCD class of 2002
Suzannah Zeif ‘84 Van Schaick, BCD class of 1984
Jim Brooke, BCD class of 1969
Jay Crosby, BCD class of 1989
Charlotte Jones ’79 Blome, BCD class of 1979
Christopher St. Clair, BCD class of 2010 2S
Ethan Flower, Class of 1983
Harrison Newman, Class of 2011
Dr. Houston H. Stokes, PhD, Class of 1953
Cornelia ‘Nini’ Brooke Gilder, Class of 1964
Mary Talbot Fee, Class of 1972
Joni Michelle Guerette, Class of 1988
Amanda Rae Busch, Class of 1997
Doug Altshuler, 1985
Hunter McCormick, 2005 2S
Jessica Ryan ’03 2S
Tarsi Dunlop, 2005
Matthew Van Meter ’03 2S
Curt Buttenheim ‘72
Carl Nicholas (“Nick”) Arienti, Class of 1990
Rachel Siegel ‘89