Columbia County

If you live in Columbia County and you are considering BCD, you should know…

  • 14% of BCD students are from Columbia County.
  • Our students from Columbia County live in Canaan, Chatham, Copake, East Chatham, Ghent, Hillsdale, Hudson, Kinderhook, New Lebanon, Old Chatham, Claverack, and Valatie.
  • School bus transportation and parent carpool options are available to aid with the commute.
  • Average commute time for students from Columbia County is 30 minutes.
  • Need-based financial aid is available to eligible families—currently, 29% of BCD students receive financial assistance.

BCD delivers…

  • BCD offers a well-rounded, classical, and enriched curriculum to prepare students for rigorous secondary school curricula and college.
  • At BCD, learning is a collaborative partnership between parents, students, faculty and the child’s advisor. Close personal communication between the school and families is a cornerstone of BCD’s philosophy.
  • Curricularly-integrated educational travel programs for middle and upper school students to France, Spain, The Everglades, and Washington, D.C. bring students out into the world to live the academic experience.
  • Students gain fundamental skills for successful learning: research, critical analysis, organization, listening, speaking, and writing. These skills are presented not as separate subjects divorced from academic content, but rather as integral parts of specific curricular areas.
  • Co-curricular programs, including a sports program, drama productions, Student Council, Ski Fridays, dances, band and choruses, service learning, and field trips provide for an enriched academic experience.
  • Off-campus field trips to the places such as Berkshire Museum, Normal Rockwell Museum, Audubon Center, American Indian Institute, whale watching, Boston Science Museum, Clearwater Sloop, Sturbridge Village, New York State Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Hancock Shaker Village, Mass MoCA and Clark Art Institute support student learning and the various units of study.
  • Music classes use the Orff Schulwerk approach, which emphasizes experiencing music concepts through movement, voice, and playing percussion instruments. Middle and upper-school students also have the option to take instrumental music, electronic music, band, and chorus.
  • Studio art classes include instruction in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry making, pottery, printmaking, and woodworking.
  • Performing arts productions include a grade 4 French play, grade 5 & 6 plays, and grade 7 through 9 plays and film productions.
  • After-school sports begin in grade 3 (optional) and become mandatory in Grade 4. After-school sports include lacrosse, basketball, cross-country and Alpine skiing, and soccer.
  • Students are introduced to French and Spanish in preschool and continue to immerse themselves in the languages and cultures throughout their BCD education. In grade 4 students choose French or Spanish to continue with through grade 9. Students receive Latin instruction starting in grade 6. BCD’s middle and upper-school students consistently receive highest honors on the National Latin Exam.
  • After-school enrichment programs are available to students starting in kindergarten. These programs include knitting, chess, mad science, gymnastics/tumbling/fitness, arts and crafts, and cooking.
  • Integrated community service activities develop students’ sense of responsibility to themselves, to the school community, and to the community at large.
  • 90% of eighth and ninth-grade students leaving BCD go on to qualify for honors/advanced level courses in at least three of the five major disciplines when they enter high school (public, independent and boarding schools).