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Preschool: Beginner Threes and Pre-Kindergarten

Berkshire Country Day School’s Preschool program provides a nurturing educational environment and offers a child-centered curriculum to support each child’s learning style and development readiness. Our experienced and talented teachers cultivate and encourage each child’s development through experiences that foster their passion for learning. Children are encouraged to explore, play, take risks, listen, and find their voices in creative and expressive ways.

Located in historic Albright Hall on BCD’s 27-acre campus, BCD’s recently remodeled Preschool rooms are open and bright, and provide ready access to the outdoors, large preschool playground, and the gym. Other supervised learning opportunities on the campus include visits to the pond during science, hikes on trails in the neighboring woods, and attending assemblies in the Furey Music Room.

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Preschool Teachers

Preschool Classroom: Mrs. Atwater and Ms. Cooke
Music: Mrs. Hilliard
Physical Education: Mrs. Heady
French: Mme Wrightson
Library: Dr. Lederman

Beginner 3s Program Highlights

  • Nurturing teachers encourage and support each child in being active, expressive, and happy members of a learning community.
  • Literacy-rich environment supports growth and progress through literature, class meetings, songs, and plays to develop a rich base in expressive and receptive language.
  • Early math concepts are explored through the hands-on use of materials such as manipulatives, puzzles and blocks.
  • Children explore their world and are introduced to science and social studies through themes including the seasons; weather; exploring our natural environment; fam­ily and community; and health and wellness.
  • Children are helped to express themselves and build vocabulary by being read to, looking at books, and conversing during circle and activity times.
  • Children sing or play rhythm instruments during music class and listen to a wide range of music representing different styles and cultures.
  • French is introduced, and children are exposed to world culture.
  • Social skills and cooperation develop through purposeful work and play.
  • Imagination is encouraged in art and project-based activities; students have opportunities to be creative every day, using a variety of materials.
  • Motor skills are developed; children learn how to move safely and appropriately.

Pre-Kindergarten Program Highlights

  • Literacy experiences and the development of skills are embedded in all activities. A structured pho­nemic awareness program supports early develop­ment of emerging readers and writers, laying a foundation for their transition to Kindergarten.
  • Math concepts are introduced with a range of materials to promote the understanding of num­ber concepts, patterning, sequencing, sorting, classifying, comparing, one-to-one correspon­dence, and spatial relationships.
  • Children expand their understanding of science by engaging in concrete activities such as observ­ing plants grow, caring for animals, following the weather, and researching at the pond.
  • Social Studies curriculum emphasizes knowledge of the students’ family, community, and the world around them.
  • Children sing and play rhythm instruments during music class and listen to a wide range of music representing different styles and cultures.
  • Students share their different backgrounds, look at holiday traditions, explore a variety of cultural and ethnic cooking activities, read stories, and listen to music, discovering the many wonder­ful differences and common threads that bind individuals together.
  • The Art program, employing a variety of media, focuses on the process of explo­ration and creative self-expression.