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Parent Testimonials

“When my daughter went to high school she was in all honors classes. BCD totally prepared her to want more for herself.” –BCD parent

“Our daughter is thriving. She needed more of a challenge and she’s getting it at BCD. It’s rigorous, but still nurturing. Everyday she comes home so excited about something new. There are a lot of lively conversations at our dinner table!” –BCD parent

“They are exposed to so much. My 7th grader went to Classics Day at Holyoke College where he competed with kids from all over the county. He and his classmate spent the weekend making a roman column out of sugar cubes. Others recited original poems in Latin, and won!” –BCD parent

“We look at it as an investment in our children’s future. Do we sacrifice? Yes. It’s so worth it.”
–BCD parent

“French, Spanish, Latin. It’s all here. My son is discovering a love of languages and world culture.”
–BCD parent

“I love the community. So do our three children. They have wonderful friends. BCD is like an extended family.” –BCD parent

“We weren’t sure if living in Columbia County was going to be a problem. It wasn’t. BCD provides transportation and there are so many students from our neck of the woods!” –BCD parent

“The teachers don’t just know my child. The entire school does.” –BCD parent

“What do you get in a school like this that you can’t get anywhere else in Berkshires? The list is way too long…  But I’ll start with the teachers, the classes, the arts, social curriculum, experiential travel, languages. It’s a whole education.” –BCD parent

“My 7th grader has fallen in love with filmmaking. And now she’s writing scripts with the encouragement of her theater teacher. These are the kinds of things BCD inspires.” –BCD parent

“In 7th grade, my son did a project on the global water crisis He was so moved, that with the encouragement of a community member, he raised money to help build a well in Africa. This summer he’s going to the village to volunteer.” –BCD parent

“It’s really wonderful to see the social curriculum in action.  They don’t just talk about respect. They teach it.” –BCD parent

“My child has an advisor. Not a guidance counselor, but an advisor. Someone who knows him, who is in his court, who helps him advocate for himself.” –BCD parent

“Education is important to our family. We do what it takes. We sacrifice. That’s okay.The investment is worth it because the education BCD provides is truly shaping our children.” –BCD parent

“The girls that come out of BCD have a body of knowledge that’s surprisingly advanced. They are also poised and articulate leaders. When we get a girl from BCD, we know she’s ready for the kind of curriculum that is the trademark of a Miss Hall’s education.” –Miss Hall’s School

“The arts are important to our family…all you have to do is look around to see the creativity that’s inspired here.” –BCD parent

“Our daughter did so well on the ERB’s that she was invited to attend John Hopkins Gifted Student Summer Program. It was such a boost for her. BCD is teaching her how to think.” –BCD parent

“The experiential learning program has opened my daughter’s eyes to a world outside of the Berkshires.  It takes science, the arts, languages, history, English, all of it and brings it to life.” –BCD parent

“We looked at a lot of pre-schools and the minute we walked onto the BCD campus, we knew we were home.” –BCD parent

“We chose BCD for pre-school because it’s a beautiful place to learn. The teachers are warm and the transition to the upper grades will be a natural and easy progression.” –BCD parent

“I love the other families, here. We all care about each other and our kids.” –BCD parent

Alumni Testimonials

“I love coming back here for Thanksgiving Soup. It was a tradition, a part of my childhood.” –BCD alum

“BCD really prepared me to take on honors courses in high school. I feel like I have an edge.”
–10th grade BCD alum